Lava Apps focuses on developing special software for blind and severely visually impaired people.

The company is part of the Accessibility Expert group. Since 1993, the group has been carrying out projects to provide visually impaired people with tools to help them become more self-sufficient and independent and thus become as useful for society as possible.


Lava Apps is currently working on Camelot, which is part of the digital library for the blind and visually impaired Biblio. Camelot makes newspapers and magazines accessible to the users of Biblio. Lava Apps also focuses on research and development of new methods of creating a user interface for blind and visually impaired people along with OUI Technology Ltd. and the research and knowledge-dissemination organization BRAILCOM.


Lava Apps Ltd is a private limited company registered in England and Wales.

If you wish to contact us, write us an e-mail to